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the best clays are selected with the utmost care, ground and classified for later mixing and kneading. After a period of homogenization, it is molded and cut. After it is loaded in wagons, they will pass through the dryer and oven, ending in the unloading selection, packaging and reception or delivery of the finished product.

We offer a complete range of pieces for the most varied construction and decoration needs in small and large architectural spaces.

Due to its own characteristics, our stoneware is confirmed as the most suitable product to be combined with a large number of construction materials: wood, concrete, aluminum, metal, plaster, glass, slate, granite and many more.


Our bricks are partially vitrified. They are used in the construction of industrial and residential buildings. Wet clay bricks are exposed to an excessive heat during the firing process, synthesizing the surface of the brick and forming a glossy coating. That is part of the recipe used in our products.


Our floor solutions are the best investment that you can make. With the utility of an easy-care non-slip exterior surface. Modern, frost resistant and durable. From angled tile to stair flooring, coordinated convenience of trim pieces. Cliock the button bellow and find the flooring parts that you need.


The special pieces seek to be a complement specially adapted to the needs of each project. That’s our main goal. DALOPA works hand by hand with designers, architects and engineers in search of being able to materialize that special piece that makes each project unique.


The ventilated facade with exposed brick refers to a constructive solution that allows cladding the exterior of a building. Its main function is the physical separation between the interior environment and the exterior environment of any kind of property, residential or not.