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About us


We are a company dedicated to the manufacture of stoneware and klinker materials, with more than 100 years of experience and with a modern manufacturing method that preserves all the artisanal tradition. Thanks to this method we have been able to adapt perfectly to the construction systems that each project requires, working hand in hand with different developers, builders and architects; always looking for the satisfaction of the end customer. Our main product in production is stoneware, characterized by being a noble and unalterable material, which gives the facades of buildings a unique architectural personality, of great beauty.


Manufacture materials for construction, respectful with nature and of quality following the technical and architectural developments of our sector in Spain and the world.

Anticipate constantly evolving needs and expectations to be competitive in the market.

Facilitate a good human lifestyle and increase the quality of life.


Our values ​​are our working principles, that make us different, strong and define our way of working:

  • Seriousness and transparency and rectitude in everything concerning the quality of our products.
  • Continuous improvement and constancy. Looking for excellence and quality in the production of our pieces; be attentive to the needs and demands of the market and promote initiatives to meet them, always ensuring the supply of products with the expected quality.
  • Listen to the client being sensitive to the needs of each work, assess their requirements, communicate, promote empathy and genuine trust.

Produce with our line that marks classic modernity in our pieces, knowing that achieving the best is possible through continuous improvement.

Ensuring that our customers trust our products above all.