DALOPA carries out the activities of:
The design and production of exposed brick, tiles and stoneware pieces.

DALOPA’s Policy is based on the following pillars:
Identify and satisfy the needs and expectations of the interested parties of our Company. We are at the service of our clients, committed to society, the environment and the health of our workers, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established for each case.
Have all the resources, both human and infrastructure and work environment, necessary for the production of the products entrusted by the client as well as for the development and implementation of the quality management system.
Increase the efficiency in the internal operation of the company, through the implementation of a Management System that allows us to detect, analyze and improve our weaknesses, avoid threats, take advantage of our strengths and favor the search for opportunities.
Exceeding the expectations that the client has placed on the product / service that DALOPA supplies them, through planning and monitoring of improvement objectives.
The basis of the work must be the prevention of defects, creating a climate of trust and participation in any improvement activity. Faults must be used to prevent and eliminate the causes that have produced them.
Assume the need for continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services, our processes and our working conditions.
Identify and comply with the laws, regulations, standards and legal and contractual requirements that are applicable to our service.
Maintenance of fluid communication both internally, between the different departments of the company, as well as with clients and suppliers.
Evaluate and guarantee the technical competence of the staff, as well as ensure adequate motivation for them to participate in the continuous improvement of our processes.
Guarantee the correct state of the facilities, machinery and adequate equipment, in such a way that they are in correspondence with the activity, objectives and goals of the company
In order to comply with the quality policy, the participation of all the personnel who belong to or collaborate with DALOPA is necessary, being obliged to assume the part that corresponds to each one, and thus improve the position and prestige of DALOPA in the market.